The geology of the Manchester area


Geologists’ Association Guide No 7

By R M C Eager and F M Broadhurst

This is another lovely guide by the GA to an area that perhaps readers would not associate with good geology. But, of course, that is because of its title, because the areas like Pendle Hill (see, for example, Carboniferous Geology: Bowland Fells to Pendle Hill) and Derbyshire are wonderful, not just to visit for their geology, but also for their holiday appeal.

As always in GA guides, The geology of the Manchester area first covers the general geology of the area before covering the itineraries. In fact, the rocks exposed in the Manchester area range in age from the Dinantian (Lower Carboniferous) to the Triassic and superficial coverings of Pleistocene and Recent sediments.

Of the 16 locations described, two are devoted to Dinantian, five to the Silurian, four to the Triassic and three to the Pleistocene and Recent. The last two itineraries are concerned with mineralisation and mining and with the building stones of Manchester.

In particular, the large number of locations covered in guide consist of:

  • Wye Dale area, east of Buxton.
  • Clitheroe and Pendle Hill.
  • Cheesden Brook and Turf Moor.
  • Chunal, Charlesworth and Broadbottom, near Glossop.
  • Goyts Moss and Burbage, Derbyshire.
  • Low Side Brickworks, Glodwich and Rocher Vale, Park Bridge, near Oldham.
  • Jumbles Country Park, Bolton.
  • Triassic Rocks of the Cheshire Basin:
    • Adlerley Edge.
    • Styal area, Cheshire.
    • Frodsham area.
  • Goyt Valley between Marple and Stockport:
    • Marple Bridge-Compstall to Marple Aqueduct.
    • Marble Aqueduct to Chadkirk.
    • Chadkirk to Stockport
  • The mineralisation of Ectono Hill, Staffordshire.
  • Building stones of Manchester city centre.

The illustrations in the guide are, not surprisingly, all black and white. However, this hardly matters if it is information you need. And if you are anywhere near the Manchester Area, I would recommend this guide.

The Geology of the Manchester Area, by R M C Eager and F M Broadhurst, Guide No 7, The Geologists’ Association, London (1991), 118 pages (paperback), ISBN: 0707306205

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