The Plymouth Area


Geologists’ Association Guide No 38

By D M Hobson

This is another of the GA’s short guides, being only 21 pages long and therefore easy to put in a cagoule pocket. Importantly, the five excursions described in the guide are centred on the city of Plymouth. Therefore, the logistics necessary to visit the itineraries should be relatively easy. And, although they are mostly concerned with Lower Devonian rocks, details of other important elements in the local Variscan geology are also included.

The first three excursions deal with the stratigraphy and structure of various sections across the Dartmouth Antiform, itinerary four with the southern flanks of the Antiform and rocks of the Start Complex, and itinerary five with features exposed inland north of Plymouth. In particular, the itineraries cover:

  1. Bovisand Bay.
  2. Jennycliff Bay.
  3. Cawsand and Whitesand Bay.
  4. The Start Complex.
  5. Dartmoor and Kit Hill.

These are all great areas to visit on holiday, so I recommend taking this book with you if you are going to be nearby. This guide can be bought at the Geologists’ Association website.

The Plymouth Area, Guide No 45, by Peter Toghill, The Geologists’ Association, London (1978), 32 pages (paperback), ISBN: 0900717319

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